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Welcome to our Nanopore Resources page, your guide to learning and exploring the Nanopore field. Discover a collection of tutorials, webinars, analysis software, and scientific papers to enhance your knowledge and expertise. If you have links to content or papers that you believe would benefit others in the field, please feel free to reach out and share.

If you know of other papers that you think should be on this list that fit with this theme, please contact us. This list is reviewed and updated quarterly with selected publications that assist with the process of onboarding new researchers into the field. 

Review Articles

L. Xue, H. Yamazaki, R. Ren, M. Wanunu, A. P. Ivanov, and J. B. Edel. Solid-state nanopore sensors, Nat Rev Mater, vol. 5, no. 12, pp. 931–951, 2020,


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Muhammad Sajeer P,  Simran, Pavan Nukala,  Manoj M. Varma. TEM based applications in solid state nanopores: From fabrication to liquid in-situ bio-imaging, Micron, vol. 162, 103347, 2022,

Jasper P. Fried, Jacob L. Swett,  Binoy Paulose Nadappuram,   Jan A. Mol,  Joshua B. Edel,  Aleksandar P. Ivanov  and  James R. Yates. In situ solid-state nanopore fabrication, Chem Soc Rev, vol. 50, no. 8, pp. 4974–4992, 2021,


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Meni Wanunu. Nanopores: A journey towards DNA sequencing. Physics of Life Reviews,

vol. 9, no 2, 2012, pp. 125–158,


Solid-state nanopores 



Analysis Software

Generalized Analysis



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